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How to use Take Charge Be Healthy®

Take Charge Be Healthy® is an all new interactive website that teaches teens about physical activity, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles. Before teens can participate inTake Charge Be Healthy® , teachers (or group leaders) must register to use the instructional module.

Please note that some features of this website utilize flash technology and are not compatiable with Apple iPads

Teacher Registration

Teachers & Group Leaders

- To start using Take Charge Be Healthy® you must register as a teacher. During the registration process you will:
  1. Select your country
  2. Select your state
  3. Select your county
  4. Select your school (If your school is not registered, you will register it here)
  5. Complete the registration information

Please allow 24 hours for your registration to be processed. You will receive an email confirmation including your UserID and Password, and information on how to get started using this website. Then, you may log in and get started with Take Charge Be Healthy®

Parent & Family Registration

Parents or Family Members

- You are welcome to join us inTake Charge Be Healthy® to keep track of your personal physical activity and diet intake in Log It. To activate your unique UserID and Password, register here. NOTE: You will also need your teen’s User ID and Password to register.

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