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The Apprenticeship is a fun interactive “game show” style activity that is sure to have the user on the edge of his seat to find out who will be voted off next!

The teens from Take Charge! battle head to head, tackling some of today’s toughest issues. The Apprenticeship helps the teen by first making them aware of some of the environmental influences and barriers that affect a healthy lifestyle, and secondly by offering problems (and solutions). The format for this activity breaks the problems down into easy-to-understand components and teaches the user how to work through problems for an effective solution.

The Apprenticeship format allows the user to evaluate the Take Charge! teens’ responses, and cast their vote for the weakest response. Each contest runs for three weeks, with the fourth week showing the final problem, and the winner with his/her response. The user also has the opportunity to enter their own responses to the problems, and in doing so, they are entered into a drawing for a chance to win awesome prizes!


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